Importance of VPN for Small Businesses

When you are handling sensitive business data by connecting people via the internet, you have to be extremely wary of the security. One of the best ways to make a secure connection is by using a virtual private network or VPN.

In this modern technological world, business is usually conducted on the go. More and more small businesses are comprised of a geographically remote group which uses the latest communication technologies to stay in touch with each other. Even if you have an office-based business, you will have to hire remote workers at some point.

Since communication between remote workers will normally include using a public network like the internet, connecting the individuals securely should be your top priority. Security is extremely vital here since commercially sensitive information could be transmitted between an insecure remote worker and a secure workplace. This is where a VPN plays an important role.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN maintains privacy on a shared public infrastructure (like the internet) by using various tunneling protocols and security procedures. The security protocols like Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) encrypts data when it is sent and decrypts it when it is received, which in effect creates a “tunnel” through which a data is sent. Data that is not encrypted properly can’t enter the tunnel. For an extra level of security, the receiving and originating network addresses are also encrypted along with the data.

Benefits of using VPN for a small business

A maintained and well-constructed VPN can provide numerous benefits for your business.

  1. It can secure the connection between geographically remote workers.
  2. It can help you organize your workforce with a certain degree of flexibility.
  3. As your business expands and grows, you can scale your VPN too.
  4. Since there will be a reduced need for traveling for physical meetings, you will be able to save costs.
  5. You will be able to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

A VPN can route data anywhere securely and efficiently, so it can become your business’s backbone. I want to mention here that Faceless VPN is the renown and providing the best VPN services.

Increasing your security

Basically, there are two main types of VPNs based on the security protocols used.

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) VPNs secure the connection with a program installed in the user’s Smartphone or computer by installing encryption systems on the router. This type of VPN is very popular since once the user is logged in, they can use the business servers as if they were sitting in the office.

Another type of VPN security you could consider for your business is Secure Socket Layer (SSL). If you have an online store, you may already be familiar with SSL. It connects customers securely when they make payments on your websites. A web browser is used to connect with your business server and the connection is limited to specific applications and files. SSL is ideal if you want to give a secure access to outside users periodically.

Choosing the right VPN for your business

But again before making a decision, you need to determine what services you want from the VPN. Take the time to test the VPN service you have chosen with a couple of users and without using any sensitive information. Once you are satisfied, you can roll the service across your business.

An SME Guide: Social Media and Traditional Customer Service – Who Wins?

As a small business, you are probably all too aware of the impact and influence social media has on your marketing activities and your customer service levels. Many businesses use social media, like Twitter and Facebook, to connect to more people more quickly. This instantaneous and flexible customer interaction allows businesses to more accurately portray their messages, respond to customers’ comments and reach untapped consumer markets more easily. But, it is not as easy as it sounds and it shouldn’t necessarily replace traditional methods of customer service, like a phone call.

According to a study by Echo Research, two thirds of people say they would prefer to use social media to contact a company than phone a call centre. However, you need to clearly define your strategy. Your social media needs to be monitored and don’t rely on knee-jerk reactions to respond to a less-than-friendly comment. It can be easy to fly off the handle, delete comments and get into a slanging match online. Just remember who else is reading the comments and think carefully about how you respond on your social media pages. Allocate a dedicated member of staff to deal with this side of things. This great guide gives some useful tips on using Facebook as part of your customer service offerings.

Another point connected to the above is that you shouldn’t rely on social media as the only way clients can contact you. Just because some customers might prefer to write on your Facebook page rather than phone you, doesn’t mean you should eliminate your phone centres. Many people will still want to call you. Sometimes, it is more satisfying just calling a company to deal with an issue directly – perhaps your business relies on sensitive information and customers would not want to share this online. Social media doesn’t work for all companies, and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to how you should use it.

Some companies use social media due to cost – setting up a phone centre is simply too expensive and it is just easier to use social media instead. As a small business or an entrepreneur, if a call centre doesn’t work for you, have a dedicated set of mobile phones which key members of your staff monitor. Your customers will get through and talk to someone at any time of the day, and you won’t have to pay large fees for a call centre. It is a much cheaper way to be there for your customers and perhaps works well when also aligned with an appropriate social media outlet simultaneously. Perhaps one phone line could be dedicated to a “technical support” and another for “order enquiries” and so on.

If operating abroad a lot or across the country, and if you are the only one in your business, get an international SIM card and a contract that allows you to connect anywhere. The mobile broadband provider mobi-data give coverage in up to 40 countries with a 97% UK coverage. What is ideal about a service such as this is that you will also receive a data package so that you can respond to both phone calls from customers and social media wherever you are, at a reasonable cost. With a deal that allows you to pick up emails as well, this gives you the power to always be on hand and respond quickly – remember that a quick response is a great sign of good customer service.

In reality, you need to look at your individual business to assume a customer service approach that suits your needs. Indeed, in a world where every business is unique, it is important to seek a balance. Just because everyone else seems to be using social media, doesn’t mean you need to. However, don’t dismiss it as being an amateur approach. Social media can have many advantages too – just so long as you use it properly.

How To Migrate To A Cloud Database

Running an organization or business firm means collecting and protecting millions of gigabytes worth of data. From financial transactions to sensitive personnel files, there are numerous types of data that need to be available for use and access at anytime from anywhere in the world. Business competition in the digital age has meant a faster pace of information gathering, analysis and capitalizing to affect bigger profits. Migrating corporate information processes to a cloud database is one of the best solutions to ensure information access, permission and security control and continuous service for information processes. Below is a step by step process on how to migrate your company’s information to a cloud solution.

•    #Look for an established vendor with a track record of experience. Finding a third-party vendor to provide cloud database solutions for your business should be the first step in migrating information to the cloud. This should be done first because the vendor can often provide necessary advice and guidance on how the migration should be completed and how they can meet your required needs. Conduct initial research on at least 3 to 5 firms and have them submit a proposal for migration.

•    #Take inventory of what needs to be in the cloud. From an information access standpoint your company will need to take inventory of all information, apps and software that needs to be accessed through the cloud database. If your company uses software such as Microsoft’s SharePoint, a client relationship management (CRM) software or a project and portfolio management (PPM) solution these need to be brought to the vendor’s attention to ensure they can be integrated in the cloud database.

•    #Analyze security needs. Security of information is one of the most important aspects of moving information into a cloud database. With all of the recent media hype around data leaks and breaches your company will need to be assured that information and data is properly secured in the cloud. Depending on the nature of information kept in the cloud different levels of permission and encryption are available to ensure its security. Analyze the information that will be kept in the cloud and decide on which security measures will be instituted.

•    #Decide on which cloud solution is best. By understanding the different types of cloud solutions such as private, public or hybrid your company can decide on which solution is best. Most corporations are moving to public or hybrid solutions because the costs of maintenance and set up of private clouds have become less cost effective. Using a third-party vendor for cloud database ensures continuous infrastructure upgrades, disaster resistant due to duplication across multiple locations and generally an efficiency of cost compared with in-house IT departments.

•    #Establish clear goals for migration. Different departments within a corporation see a cloud database for different uses. The sales department may see it as a way to enhance client relationships whereas the finance department may see it as a way to control costs and marketing will want to use it to engage with clients and increase social market share. By establishing clear goals from the outset a proper solution will satisfy all these needs.

•    #Establish cloud database size and scaling potential. Depending on the amount of information, bandwidth and services needed a rough estimate on storage and transfer sizes should be made to determine the level of service to request from a third-party vendor.

•    #Research and due diligence for third-party vendors. At this point in the process you will need to properly research any third-party partner and establish their expertise in the field of cloud databases and data migration. Ensure that third-party vendor can follow through with their plan and meet your service levels in all aspects. This process could include site visits to ensure physical security processes and how they meet compliance regulations.

•    #Pick the best partner. A cloud database partner should provide a number of solution oriented options including flexibility, scalability, and online dashboard updated in real time, support of all industry standards, migration of current IT technological infrastructure, ability to adapt to future technologies, value-added services such as customer support and IT services, the ability to provide custom solutions on demand, and cost efficiency.

•    #Consult with a lawyer. In the era of cloud database storage in the growing threat of privacy concerns ensuring that your company is protected needs to be considered. Ensuring data is secured according to local regulations can often prevent unnecessary litigation and protect the company in its event. Legal consultation is a must during this process.

•    #Rollout and trial period. Ensuring the solution works properly through a trial rollout of at least 30 days should be included in any vendor contract to provide a testing period. By rolling out a very small portion of the intended cloud database such as one app or one information service will help establish benchmarks for security, processing speed and how well the cloud service matches your needs.

•    #Deploy the solution fully. After a successful trial a phased rollout of the full solution should be accomplished within a further 30 to 90 days depending on the size and complexity of the database employed.

•    #Data transfer and storage. Depending on the amount of information for transfer some providers allow in-house servers and hard drives to be physically delivered for faster transfer as opposed to slower upload speeds.

•    #Upgrade and maintenance schedules. Over the long term the third-party vendor should be able to provide upgrade and maintenance schedules well in advance. Depending on the necessity of up-time finding a vendor that has duplicate data centers that can provide continuous up-time even during planned upgrade or maintenance can be found.

•    #Review and evaluation. Even after the cloud database has been instituted there will be a need for constant review and evaluation of the services provided with alternate options or solutions implemented as needed. This should be conducted annually at a minimum and quarterly for the best results.

Importance of Telephone System for a Company


A phone system is a multi-line systems typically used in enterprise environments, including systems from small key systems to large-scale private sector. The one for business is different from simply using a multi-line phones lines available for the use of multiple phones, or “stations” in the system, and that such a system offers many additional management capabilities related calls. Such systems are often classified as key systems, hybrid systems and PBX.



This feature can be very useful when callers ring during office hours. Messages can be stored in a place and an employee or employees can pass these messages at a later date and treat every customer request. Caller ID or Caller ID is a simple tool that identifies calls from numbers known or unknown, which is a very useful feature in a busy environment. In some systems, you can use these unknown numbers in your contacts once you’ve made, the caller. This makes it much easier to call existing contacts.

Can be custom made to accommodate the unique needs of the company and help it do at its best. Variety of systems sizes are there for any company with more features like VOIP. This helps you cut the costs when it comes to local and international calls.

The employees of the company can effectively communicate with each other. Therefore it is very important if you end up choosing the proper system to fulfill your certain business requirements. Also, it helps your staff perform more effectively and be more productive on the job.

The systems have become part of the lifeblood of every business, no matter how large or small. To survive in today’s fast-paced business world, it can seem to be so hard for any business to operate unless it adopts the latest innovations of the communications technology.

There are many types of such systems available, hence, a needs assessment is performed by a professional to aide you in selecting the perfect system, so, some characteristics may be worse for your organization and you will also want to investigate the scalability of a system as your business grows.

Due to its features, it has the following advantages:

Call holding features are those which are used to place a caller on hold whilst you complete another task. This could be to find sheet work, look up the caller’s details and information before speaking to them or contact another colleague whom the caller wishes to speak to.

Call waiting features let you know when there is a caller on the line who wishes to speak to you when you are already using the telephone. These are usually lights which flash or tones which beep to let you know there is a caller waiting.Re-directing calls are available where you may be required to forward a call to another work-mate. These are characteristics on the telephone which state redirect’ or transfer’.

Answer phone systems characteristics: record messages from callers when you or other colleagues are unavailable.

Teleconferencing features enable others (more than two people) to hold a conference’ style conversation over the telephone. These are now often enhanced with video imaging equipment via a computer.

Text messaging: it enables you to send and receive text style messages (as on a mobile phone).

How to recover lost data from your computer?

Recent years, computer become more and more popular in the whole world. Almost everyone has at least a computer or even more. Because of computer, our lives become more convenient and fashionable. And people are used to store their important files and contracts, and including their favorite photos and videos in the computer. Thus it can be seen that people trust the computer very much.

However, computer does not so safe just like people think. Because computer also sometimes encounters some problems and which will lead to lost these data in it. There are so many reasons can cause the loss of the data, such as the virus, system failure and the wrong operation by human. And also the accidental formatting by human is the main reason that lead to the loss of the data. If you lost your data in your computer, and fortunately you have back up before, so congratulations, you are very lucky, and you can get your lost data back. However, as we all know, there are only a few people have a backup. So there are still a lot of people do not know how to get lost data back after they lost their data.

But do not worry about it. There is a good news about how to recover lost data from computer. Maybe you have not heard this software before, but it is really good and it is worth to have a try. This software called EaseUS Software, which is very easy to use and flexible. Even you are not good at computer, you also can get your lost data back easily. With this software, you can recover whatever you lost in only several simple steps. Then you will recover lost data successfully.

EaseUS has many kinds of software which is available for you to help to solve your data recovery problems. EaseUS offers free data recovery software and paid data recovery software depending on the level of your data recovery need. These data recovery tools are very easy to use and flexible, so please be assured that EaseUS can help you out of the trouble.

And EaseUS also can tell you how to recover deleted files from recycle bin. Whats more, most of the EaseUS software is available to download for free. And there is a good news is that even the paid data recovery software also offer free trail versions, so you can have a try before you make the decision whether to buy it or not.

5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade the Server for Your Business

Your server is essentially the heart and soul of your business. A server is essentially a data mainframe system that stores files, information, software and a whole host of applications that your business uses on a daily basis. In the modern digital sphere, making sure that your servers are safe and maintained is critical. However, every few years or so – typically every three years – you must upgrade your server. What can happen if you don’t? Every year, server technology changes and evolves. After a few years, the server you have in your workplace could become obsolete. However, there may be some other signs that you should upgrade your servers. Here are five signs it’s time to upgrade the server for your business.


  1. The warranty has expired. A server’s warranty will usually expire around the third or fourth year of your business’ ownership. This is a good marker that your server will start to show signs of wear and tear. It also means that you won’t be able to have the manufacturer make any repairs. So, it is probably safer to purchase a brand new server and upgrade your whole system.
  2. Strange noises. Electronics and technology tend to make strange noises when they start to fail. For instance, hard drives will start to click or whir. Well, servers can tend to do the same thing, but it may be harder to notice. If you can put your ear to your server and notice any sounds – besides a fan sound – there is a good chance that there is some sort of damage. If you hear clicking, this is pretty much a sign that you should upgrade your server right away.
  3. Files and other software are slow to load. If you are noticing that your software and other documents are taking a long time to load, there is a good chance that your server is starting to show signs of age. How do you know if programs are taking too long to load? Well, if your programs are crashing and you are getting locked on that dreaded hourglass icon, it may be time to look for a PC wholesaledistributor and upgrade your server, because the last thing you want is a big crash.
  4. Not enough space. After a few years, your server will basically become full of information – sometimes too full. Although, new servers are coming out all the time with more capacity and more space – so, if your business is noticing a need for more and more space, you may need to upgrade to a bigger server. When it comes down to it, having to keep squeezing files and programs into your server can be quite inefficient.
  5. It keeps crashing. This is a blatant sign that you need an upgrade. If your server keeps crashing or if you keep noticing breaches, this is a clear sign that your server is about to crash for good. If this happens before you back up, or while you are working on a big project, it could be quite devastating. So, make sure that you upgrade your server – sooner rather than later.


Facebook Likes- Where and Why to Get Them

After all things are said and done, it is the popularity of your business that is directly responsible for its success. People resort to all sorts of ways to gain popularity. These days, with the rapid growth of the online business marketing technique, almost every business resorts to one or more ways of selling their wares online. While it is of utmost importance for every company to have its own website showcasing their products or services, getting your website to stand apart amid the cutthroat competition one finds online is no easy task.


Hence, it has been shown that creating parallel marketing pages on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ goes a great way to promoting your business by coming up with excellent popularity and search engine optimization. Starting off a social network web page is easy and quick and free, but what hampers their growth is popularity. Hence, there has grown a tremendous market for selling popularity to social network pages. One can now buy things like Facebook likes that kick start your journey at any social network in full gear. We looked in detail into the numerous Buy Facebook Likes Reviews and came up with some of the features of a good Facebook Like selling company.

Maximum Likes

A website that gives you a wide range of choices on offers depending on the number of likes you want is better than a website that only offers a narrow range of choice. There are websites that offer as few as a thousand likes to as many as several million. This gives you several medium sized packages to choose from depending on which you find suitable. Some websites even allow you to provide them with the exact number of likes you want and give you a bid on how much it would cost you.

Industry Targeted Likes

Targeting likes by industry means that a certain number of users will only like posts of a certain industry. Hence, your likes are associated with similar companies across the country and when someone like any particular page, Facebook will show them options by saying, “People who liked this page Also liked…” giving your page an extra chance at getting popularity. Several websites offer this feature and is especially useful if you are selling a popular product with many other parallel companies with Facebook pages.

Country Targeted Likes

Some websites target likes by country. This means that only profiles of a certain country will like your page, if you so choose, thereby giving your page popularity within the country your business is native to. This is extremely useful in case you have a business that is only spread within a certain country. Getting likes in general could mean majority of your likers being from a different country, which would not speak much about your page nor spread it among the right audience.

These are only a few of the desired qualities that get top ratings in Buy Facebook Likes Reviews across the internet. You can search for similar ones yourself before you make a decision.

Jason has worked with a lot of online marketing companies. He has gained enough knowledge about industry and shared through his blogs and articles. 

Galaxy S5 rumors: waterproof, dustproof, metal, 13 MP OIS camera

It is over a couple of months, since upcoming smartphone from Samsung has been a midst of rumors and there always have been reports coming every next day about some new feature or the other. This upcoming tech venture from Samsung will be known as Samsung Galaxy S5 and is expected to release in the early quarter of 2014.There have been reports about its processor, design, camera and more, but nothing is sure and rumors keeps on changing. Today we will update you about many features of this device that are expected to be true.


According to reports, Samsung has been working hard to improve the outer body of the smartphone. There might be total redesign of the exteriors of the smartphone with a more square looking finish. There are reports, which hint that Samsung may produce this smartphone with a full metal jacket like its top rival iPhone 5s. The upcoming device is rumored to be completely water proof and dust proof which makes it very convenient for its users. These features may have been mimicked from one of the other rivals of Samsung which is considered to be Sony with its Xperia Z1 model. However, we expect that Samsung do better justice in this department as this feature really make the phone less vulnerable to damages and as this will be a really expensive device, users will be pleased to get such features.

There always has been a greater confusion when it comes to the camera of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Before there were rumors that it will have a 16 MP camera, then it was rumored to have a 20 MP camera. Now according to latest reports, the chances are more that Galaxy S5 will sport a 13 MP camera with OIS (optical image stabilization). The OIS feature that will be embedded in camera will help in giving clearer pictures as it will stabilize the blurry part of the image. Though, we do not need to go in details, as they may not be your concern.

Although, till now nothing is completely sure as no official confirmation about Samsung Galaxy S5 has been made any official from Samsung. And also no reports of mass production of this device have been encountered. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated on any more updates that may come along about this upcoming smartphone.

Call Center Software – Crucial Things for Your Business

The call centers are extremely crucial for any business good results, that’s why the automation with all the support of call center software solutions at SafeSoft Solutions is think about so quite critical by companies these days. From convincing buyers through the calls produced by a call center agent on the publish product sales services supplied, the call center are critical throughout the business cycle. Require of center software solutions can also be far more than ever to streamline, deal with and sustain the whole call center business.


In the present era when competitors amid the companies has all gone to international level with the emergence and recognition on the web, the center software applications are important to not monitor the day to day actions, but additionally for arranging tasks like resource allocations and roadmap style. Together with the aid of call center software which might be developed or customized (if off the shelf goods are purchased) according to company’s fashion of operate, can actually act as being a blessing to the shareholders and upper management. At reduced ranges, the acceptable center automated software solutions such as SafeSoft Solutions can provide ease and maximize efficiency of the center agents and managers.

You’ll find numerous forms of software solutions that are utilized in call centers all around the globe, nevertheless, the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software applications, VoIP (Voice Over IP) and Dialer software applications are bare minimum requirement for almost any good center. However, depending on demands and growth demands along with the size on the company’s various set of software applications could also be obtained like automatic call redirector, load balancing software applications, to title a number of.

The key screen from the software system is divided into numerous smaller planes for reporting and displaying diverse products such because the call map, call log, call specifics, call assignment and call journal. The agents enter the caller’s info inside the designated dialogue boxes, to assign calls to a particular agent. They are able to create several assignments from just one call, each with its own begin, acknowledgement and resolution dates and times. Call Center Software at SafeSoft Solutions has the capability to create lead calls and publish them onto a bulletin board, to be accessed by other agents.

A superb set of software applications functioning within a center are enough to make certain the maximum customer satisfaction, offered the agents are skilled. Additionally, it decreases the load from folks and manager degree staff of the organization. With software working as opposed to guide operations implies the price is saved, as now a lot more function could be obtained from the restricted amount of human resource. If you want get more info about call center software please go to

From potential growth viewpoint, the software also offers MIS reviews which can be employed to examine the trend of the customers. The software applications could also aid the business to discover the customers’ demands, so that it might operate accordingly to fulfill the gap and obtain significant market share. Together with the assist of features like call recording, time spent on each and every call and lots of other such features, judging all the center agent performance also gets extremely simple.

Important to Know about Satellite Phone

They’ve got been increasing in acceptance not too long ago and why is rather evident. Whilst at a single time satellite phones were huge and cumbersome, far more recent designs seem a lot more just like the now-common “smart phones.” Possessing worldwide voice and information service, transportable sat- phones are best for a wide range of consumers. For consumers who’re concerned concerning the security of their conversations, moveable satellite phones don’t operate on conventional telecom architecture and consequently there exists a vastly reduced chance of wiretapping.


Satellite phones make use of their very own networks, aside from established cell phone networks. This gives numerous positive aspects more than cellular phones. By way of example, the likelihood of throughout the world coverage; less end users to overburden the satellites; immunity towards the troubles often faced by cell towers, like harm from all-natural forces or accidents; and a superior quality and sturdiness for your phone itself, to generate a gadget of high quality and longer perform.

Like cell phones, a sat phone plans could be utilized for each voice and information transfer.
The preliminary investment of the sat-phone amounts out fairly quick. There are various program rates that depend upon the way you make use of the phone. Outbound calls are frequently lower-priced than incoming, so using your satellite phone to location calls could be cost-effective. A phone to a land line or cell number is low-cost, though calling other sat-phones can be far more costly.

Renting a satellite phone is actually a ideal strategy to decide if it’s the proper technological innovation to suit your needs. First, deal with a reliable business this kind of as sat phone service. Second, know what you strategy to use the sat-phone for. Third, how long you program to use it and fourth, exactly where it truly is you will be needing service. Lastly, get a rental that involves air time, equipment, spare batteries, electrical power adapter, and guidelines.

With greater than one particular hundred satellites in between them, both option is really an excellent pick for acquire or rental. Each organization is well-respected and also has been providing trusted tools and service for over a decade.

Satellite Phones are an essential communication device for a lot of businesses and professionals. Even though most developed up areas are conveniently covered by mobile network antennas offering maximum coverage you’ll find remote elements in the World where a typical mobile phone is entirely unusable.
These remote regions could be secluded forests where forestry workers must operate or possibly professionals while in the mining, excavation and structural engineering fields who have to work in locations miles from the nearest phone. It truly is vital that these men and women have some form of communication to enable them to finish the necessary work. You’ll find other people who have to use satellite phones since they work in extremely hazardous environments. The military, safety companies, media and explorers all depend around the satellite phone as their only supply of communication using the outdoors Globe.